Correct Labelling – the Backbone to Efficiency Within the Global Postal Industry

The value of the global post industry topped an estimated $409.8BN in 2018*. With global parcel volumes reaching 87 billion that same year, the increase in demand is on track to reach an estimated 200 billion parcels sent globally a year by 2025**. As the backbone of the world’s ecomony, the postal industry delivers vital packages from food and water to medical supplies and personal goods. With the Covid global pandemic, the postal industry has been leaned on further due to the shift in consumer trends towards home delivery.


Technology has ensured the safe and fast parcel delivery, but packages require shipping information support for their successful delivery.

But what is the key factor that ensures the efficient shipment of a product or asset?


Documenting key information when labelling a parcel or pallet for shipping is crucial for its successful delivery. Typically labels contains the name and address of both the sender and the recipient, the type of shipping service chosen, the content description, a tracking number and barcode/QR code that ensures the correct handling of the shipment by the logistics company. The barcode/QR code on the label is scanned at various hub points throughout its to track the parcel’s progress.


High quality, consistent printing of labels is essential for the smooth running of this process, so scanners can read the barcode/QR codes and delivery details can be easily identified. With many high quality label printing solutions on the market today consideration needs to be taken into the application for which the printer will be used and the label media required.


Traditionally label media comes as fixed label lengths which limits the amount of content which can be added per label often resulting in multiple labels to display information. It is also limited by the number of labels per roll due to the silicon backing paper. However, in recent years there has been a surge in popularity for linerless label printing. A cost effective, flexible labelling solution available offers a range of adhesive strengths depending on the required application. They provide up to 40% more labels per roll at variable lengths than traditional media by removing the requirement of silicon backing paper.


BIXOLON offers a range of specialised traditional label and linerless printers to suit many requirements and budgets. Key postal options include:


BIXOLON’s Key Product Highlights

Desktop Label Printers

XD5-40 Series – Mid-level Direct Thermal Desktop Barcode and Label Printer

  • Providing robust, reliable performance with Direct Thermal(XD5-40d) and Thermal Transfer(XD5-40t) label printing
  • Producing impressive print speeds and resolution for multiple media handling for labels of variable widths
  • Field installable features including peeler, auto cutter and external paper supply allow easy upgrades to improve efficiency


SLP-DL410 Series – Ultra-compact, economic 4-inch fan-fold desktop label solution

  • Designed for a wide range of media types such as external fan-fold or large labelling with a compact external holder design
  • External media holder, peeler and auto cutter options
  • The World’s first – desktop label printer with built-in Bluetooth and MFi iAP2 certification


XL5-40 – The world’s first exclusive permenent adhesive linerless label solution

  • Linerless labels provide up to 40% more label length on a roll compared to traditional liner media
  • Enables high volume, fast labelling at variable lengths with less roll changes
  • Taken Sensor™ a peel off sensor which allows a queuing system for labels so the next label will only be printed once the current label has been removed reducing labelling mistakes


XQ-840 – Android Tablet based 4-inch desktop printing solution

  • Embedded printer with a 8-inch tablet with Built-in 5 mega pixel camera to quickly scan QR and barcodes
  • Stand alone solution to directly customise labels
  • Fast direct thermal label printer with multiple media handling for labels of variable widths


Mobile Printers 

XM7-40 – Premium, ergonomic 4-inch mobile label solution

  • Label printing on a range of linered and linerless and receipt medias
  • Smart battery providing visibility over status and life cycle
  • Powerful printing performance of speeds up to 5ips at 203dpi print resolution


For more information on BIXOLON’s postal labelling solutions, visit or contact the team.

*cited in the Global Post Report 2019 by the International Post Corporation

** cited in the Pitney Bowes Parcel Shipping Index

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