Closing Sales: 5 Key Factors to Consider When Purchasing a POS Printer


In today’s dynamic business environment, a modern Point of Sale (POS) system is essential for all kinds of businesses, whether they operate offline or in a mobile capacity, and plays a crucial role in streamlining sales processing and efficient management across a wide range of industries. POS systems find extensive usage not only in the hospitality and retail sectors, but also in various other significant fields, including government, healthcare, and transportation and logistics. With advanced features like e-commerce integration, contactless payments, mobile capabilities, and robust analytics, POS systems have nowadays expanded beyond their traditional role. As a result, the POS terminal market is expected to reach $180.4 billion by 2032, underscoring its increasing significance.*

Making the right choice when selecting a POS system has become increasingly critical for businesses aiming to optimise their operations and unlock greater functionality. POS systems offer benefits that extend beyond facilitating transactions, and with the advent of cloud-based solutions revolutionising businesses, they have surpassed the limitations of traditional cash registers. Nowadays, POS systems facilitate seamless communication, eliminate errors, and ensure real-time access to accurate inventory information across departments and stores. By improving customer experience satisfaction and supporting internal processes, including reporting, analysis, staff productivity, and administration, the right choice of POS system components can play a central role in driving overall business success.

To help with this decision-making process, BIXOLON, with over 30 years of experience in printing technology, has put together 5 simple points to consider when purchasing a POS printer.

  1. Connectivity – Ensure that the POS system printer offers a range of connectivity options beyond traditional Serial or Parallel interfaces. Ethernet, USB, Bluetooth, and WLAN connectivity allow integration with tablets and other peripherals. As technology drives buying decisions, hardware solutions should align with software requirements, whether it’s a standalone payment solution or part of a comprehensive omni-channel ecosystem.
  2. Performance – Evaluate the printer’s overall performance, including printing speed, reliability, cutter performance, and print head durability. A high-performance printer with efficient components minimises maintenance requirements and potential downtime, ensuring smooth operations.
  3. Look – Retailers are increasingly opting for sleek and compact designs to streamline their cash desks. Cube printers, with their compact features and front exit feed, are gaining popularity for seamless integration on or under the desk.
  4. Integration – Ease of integration is also essential, especially when upgrading existing systems. Look for printers that offer seamless plug-and-play installation to minimise downtime and maintain productivity. Quick and hassle-free installation processes are vital for time-sensitive businesses.
  5. Price – While price is a factor, it’s important to prioritise reliability and quality over the lowest cost. Cheaper printers may result in frequent replacements or repairs, leading to higher costs in the long run. Reputable manufacturers often offer industry-leading warranties, providing higher reliability and the option for warranty extensions.


Choosing the appropriate POS system printer is vital for the success of any business. To satisfy every market necessity, BIXOLON offers a comprehensive range of desktop and mobile POS printer solutions, offering 2-inch (58mm) and 3-inch (80mm) print widths with eco, paper saving options. Plus, multiple connectivity options, including Serial, Ethernet, USB, WLAN and Bluetooth. They provide software add-ons to facilitate seamless integration, easy plug and play into existing estates and compatibility with all major software platforms (Windows™, iOS™, Android™), as well as a selection of models compatible with the environmentally friendly Blue4est® paper solution.

Some of the most interesting BIXOLON POS printers include the following.

  • SRP-Q300 series – The multi-functional cube design ultra-compact printer series with flexible mPOS configuration capabilities, various USB peripherals, and Web & Cloud based printing.  The series also includes a built-in battery option, making it an ideal choice as a standalone mPOS solution.
  • SRP-380 series – The premium, cost-efficient, low-maintenance, environmentally friendly, desktop printer which features an automatic paper saving mode firmware and supports the sustainable Blue4est® paper solution.
  • SRP-S300 series – The liner-free label and receipt printer offers a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) as the world’s first Linerless label printer with specialised back-feed and anti-jam technology.
  • SRP-330III – The cost-effective, highly reliable printing solution. With an ergonomic design and multiple connectivity options. It stands out in the market as extremely reliable yet affordable.
  • SRP-350plusV – The highly functional, ultra-fast, next generation receipt and ticket printer. With paper saving firmware, blue paper support and All-In-One Plus® interface, it is the perfect choice for those looking for innovation and versatility.


For more information on BIXOLON’s desktop and mobile thermal POS range, visit or contact your local BIXOLON sales representative.


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