Changing Times: The Advancements of Online Food and Beverage Ordering in a Covid Era

By the end of 2019, the food and beverage industry was valued at $5943.8 billion worldwide* however, due to the 2020 worldwide Covid-19 pandemic the industry has become one of the most hard-hit sectors. Plummeting sales due to forced closures followed by lack of customer confidence to return to their establishments since lockdown easing has forced restaurants, cafes, pubs and any business that serves in-house food and drink to evaluate their services and adapt to the demand for contactless ordering and home delivery.


Technology has played a key role in the turnaround of hospitality operations with existing hardware and software being adapted for the integration of these new functions. Alternatively, new technologies are evolving to meet the growing change in customer requirements.


Hospitality POS Systems of Yesteryear

Conventionally, hospitality establishments used a centralised ordering system between the front of house and the kitchen to feed service orders to the kitchen typically connecting tablet devices, hand-held terminals or a stand-alone POS terminal to the kitchen via wired or cloud network. However, as businesses are now offering customers new mediums to order including third party delivery platforms. Businesses are looking at either costly updates to their current setups or face introducing additional ordering systems which can result in further screens and printers in a kitchen.

As kitchen traffic increases from the front of house and external sources, it is more vital than ever for businesses to make sure prepared food is labelled and documented. From originally hand written notes or printed receipts, sticky labelling has provided the means for businesses to improve their service precision but still comes with its own limitations. Traditional label media comes in fixed label lengths, limiting the amount of content which can be added per label, often resulting in multiple labels to display information. Users are also limited by the number of labels per roll due to the silicon backing paper it is attached to.

There has been great leaps within the labelling industry, with a real growth in popularity of linerless label printing, a cost-effective and flexible temporary or permanent sticky adhesive labelling solution.


What is Linerless Labelling?

Characterised as pressure-sensitive labelling, with a special release coating applied on the face of the label without the need for a silicon liner, linerless labels are available in a range of adhesive strengths depending on the required application. Linerless labels also provide up to 40% more labels per roll than traditional label media by removing the requirement of silicon backing paper. This enables linerless printing of variable label lengths, which is ideal for the precise documentation of customer contact details and order information, to then be placed onto the product packaging for delivery.


Linerless Label Printing Solutions from BIXOLON:

SRP-S300 – Receipt and linerless label desktop printing solution

  • Allows concise, accurate linerless printing over five different print widths for both re-stick and permanent linerless label media
  • Taken Sensor™ a peel off sensor which allows a queuing system for labels so the next label will only be printed once the current label has been removed reducing labelling mistakes
  • The printer of choice for hospitality brands globally

XL5-40 – The world’s first exclusive permenent adhesive linerless label solution

  • Linerless labels provide up to 40% more label length on a roll compared to traditional liner media
  • Enables high volume, fast labelling at variable lengths with less roll changes
  • Taken Sensor™ a peel off sensor which allows a queuing system for labels so the next label will only be printed once the current label has been removed reducing labelling mistakes

B-linerless™ – Linerless label media from BIXOLON

  • B-linerless™ Permanent – featuring a permanent adhesive across the whole media which is similar to traditional liner labels
  • B-linerless™ Re-stick – supporting removable and repositionable adhesive across the media while eliminating any adhesive residue left when removed.

To find out more about the BIXOLON’s range of linerless labelling solutions, visit or speak to your local BIXOLON representative.


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