Progressive Spanish Software House Develops and Successfully Integrates Cutting-Edge Identification and Labelling Solution into the Hospitality Market

LabelFood® is Spain’s oldest company focusing in food safety and traceability processes for the hospitality industry. With over 30 years’ professional experience within the industry, LabelFood specialises in producing robust, safe and versatile hospitality identification and labelling solutions for institutions, entities and companies across the country.

Witnessing the evolution of regulatory requirements and need for transparency within the market, LabelFood works with innovative technology to design, develop and implement systems which assist continuity and improve client’s businesses by prioritising the health of its employees and consumers.


As food labelling within the hospitality sector continues to evolve, LabelFood sought to build a cutting-edge label software solution with innovative label printing technology which could be easily integrated into a kitchen environment. Designing a dynamic and intuitive solution, which combined connectivity with robustness; LabelFood required responsive tablets and printers which could provide producen fast printouts, while both adapting to changing kitchen temperatures and humidity.

Striving to work with innovative manufacturers that understand the constant evolution of technology, LabelFood focused on finding a label printing system that could easily be integrated with their software platform in order to cover the needs of all kitchen environments.


After consultation, LabelFood decided upon the BIXOLON XQ-840 two-in-one stand-alone label printing solution, featuring an 8-inch Android tablet embedded on a 4-inch (118mm) Direct Thermal desktop label printer. Delivered through the SOLETI Group, the XQ-840G works in conjunction with their SmartFood LITE Software V1.1 running on Android versions 6 to 8.1. The ‘Plug and Play’ customisable system, combined with on-hand customer assistance is designed to streamline commercial kitchen operations, while automating and digitalising food safety and operating efficiency.

Impressed upon the effectiveness of BIXOLON’s printing solutions, LabelFood also integrated BIXOLON’s SLP-DX220BG (Bluetooth) and BIXOLON SPP-L3000iWK (Bluetooth + WiFi) mobile label printer into the SmartFood LITE software platform.


The SmartFood Lite solution has now been successfully rolled out to some of the most important Hospitality groups in Spain and the next step is to begin distribution across Europe through strategic partnerships. The new solution allows kitchen personal to improve labelling processes for both secondary-shelf lives and prepared food. It digitalises the kitchen, providing access to the back office to guarantee food safety and improve operating efficiency.

The solution saves time by eliminates food waste produced by human error and prevents products in stock from expiring. It allows companies to access analytics and statistics of all labelling actions which have taken place and provides kitchen personal access to training and food preparation videos, plus product datasheets. It also offers a range of alarms and checklists to comply with HACCP standards, a timer for ongoing food preparation and tracking records of printed labels.

LabelFood has overcome the original challenge by selecting the best hardware in the market to develop an intuitive and dynamic software solution able to automate food labelling activities and provide information.

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