BIXOLON’s Stand-Alone Labelling Solutions

We read in the press about the need for AI, IoT, Big Data, 5G and Blockchain, so are we overengineering solutions? Is there still the need for more traditional Auto-ID solutions? The answer is very much YES for solutions that are less complex and more cost-effective.

A stand-alone operation releases your printer from the ties of an operating infrastructure, allowing for the format retrieval, data entry and media output to be located at the point of application or material production. This on-site solution reduces costs, needless user walk time and errors by ensuring that the correct information is created and applied at the point-of-manufacture or assembly.

So, let’s explore some additional points.

A stand-alone solution is safer.

• Customer or item specific information with sensitive data is retained in the operator’s work area. It is not open to loss, mis-labelling or misuse.

• Devices that are not tethered to a businesses’ infrastructure are not open to data breaches.


A stand-alone solution is cheaper.

• A host device; laptop, PC, handheld or tablet device, is not required.

• No additional software, licenses or updates are required, which if not kept up-to-date can put you in breach of data protection legislation.


A stand-alone solution is greener.

• No requirement to power host devices; laptop, PC or tablet.

• No need to manage host devices’ disposal or recycling at the end of use.


A stand-alone solution is easier.

• The application’s format with associated fonts and graphic data can be stored in the printer’s memory, or in an intelligent keypad such as those offered by our partners.

• The printer’s USB host capabilities can handle additional peripheral devices such as scanners, scales, keypads or card readers to receive variable data to correctly retrieve the right label design and automatically apply the data to be printed.

• The output of your libraries of formats and database of items can be simplified to the press of button or scan of a barcode.

• Legacy systems with no previous barcoding can be easily implemented.


BIXOLON’s multi-language printers can understand and process our own SLCS command code, plus leading printer languages, so migration from a tethered solution to a most effective and simpler BIXOLON stand-alone solution is possible.


Applicable Products

XT5-40 Industrial Label printer

If you have any questions about developing your stand-alone solution, contact to your local BIXOLON Sales Representative.

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