Date Published: Januar 18, 2022

BIXOLON has developed XI, BIXOLON Interpreter, which is ideal for building standalone label printing solutions which can be used remotely without an accompanying PC.

BIXOLON XI is a standalone BASIC* programming interpreter that enables users to create a BAS application which directly sends printing data to a pre-allocated BIXOLON label printer from peripherals such as a barcode scanner, electronic scale or keyboard. With XI, users are able to independently select and print different preloaded label design formats without additional computing hardware.

 *BASIC is a powerful computer programming language that can be used to create programs for today’s computers and peripherals.


Key features

  •  Create a label printing station without a PC (reducing hardware costs and maintaining space efficiency)
  • Connect the various peripherals directly to the printer, such as electronic scales, barcode scanners or keyboards
  • Interpret and manipulate label data streams
  • Share BAS files to multiple printers (a highly universal data format)
  • Several BAS files can be stored per device depending on the printer’s memory capacity
  • Support CSV for data loading or storage on the printer 
  • Ability to control the XI status (Stop / Running) on the printer’s LCD display
  • The software is free of charge during the limited promotion period

How does XI software work with additional Peripherals 

  • Simply plug in peripherals into the printer with preloaded BAS filed printer to streamline user operations

Compatible BIXOLON Label Printers

XT5-40 Series, 4-inch Industrial Label Printer

  • Highly powerful, optimum performance 4-inch (114mm) Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer Industrial RFID label printer with UHF print and encode capabilities
  • Printing speed up to 14 ips (356 mm/sec) with 203, 300 or 600 dpi resolution
  • Enables easy integration with multiple connectivity options and compatibility with market-leading programming languages  

XD5-40 Series, 4-inch Desktop Label Printer

  • Providing robust, reliable performance with Direct Thermal (XD5-40d), Thermal Transfer (XD5-40t) and UHF RFID (XD5-40tR) printing 
  • Producing impressive print speeds and resolution for multiple media handling for labels of variable widths
  • Field installable features including peeler, auto cutter and external paper supply allow easy upgrades to improve efficiency


XD3-40 Series, 4-inch Desktop Label Printer

  • Offering reliable performance with Direct Thermal (XD3-40d) and Thermal Transfer (XD3-40t) printing
  • Producing impressive print speeds and resolution for multiple media handling for labels of variable widths
  • Offering optional peeler and external paper supply to improve efficiency

XL5-40, 4-inch Direct Thermal Desktop Linerless Label Printer

  • Fast linerless printing speed up to 6ips (152mm/sec)
  • Dual-mode Bluetooth (V4.2 Classic and LE) or Dual-band WLAN (5GHz and 2.4 GHz) connectivity
  • Present with a full-width Auto Cutter, Media Support and Taken Sensor (label present sensor)
  • Optional LED or LCD display

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