BIXOLON Partner Awards 2023

On the 27th February 2023, BIXOLON held its annual Partner Awards which was presented by Mr. Brian Roh CEO BIXOLON Ltd, to celebrate the individual partner’s performance, dedication and commitment to the BIXOLON brand.

Alongside celebrating existing partner relationships, BIXOLON was honoured to award the following Awards to its partners:

 Globos – Project of the Year

“This year’s award has been presented to a partner who has delivered a highly successful product markdown labelling solution for the Retail industry.”

Mediaform – Consistent Achiever

“From healthcare to enterprise logistics, this partner has persevered and managed to increase their sales of BIXOLON’s desktop label printers across a range of industries. Boasting extensive knowledge of our products, this partner has developed its BIXOLON business across Germany year-on-year. Our close working relationship has been the key to this success providing excellent communication to quickly fulfil their customer needs.”

Eutronix – Distributor of the Year

“This award goes to one of BIXOLON’s strongest partners who has consistently delivered a strong revenue year-on-year. This partner’s team has provided outstanding support on BIXOLON’s complete POS, Label and Mobile product portfolio to its resellers in France, Belgium and the Netherlands where they have local offices. BIXOLON appreciates the values of this partner and looks forward to continuing this long and prosperous relationship.”

Commercique – Special Recognition

“This partner has integrated BIXOLON’s kiosk mechanisms into a popular unmanned pizza dispensing kiosk solution which are popping up across Europe and soon in other continents.”



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