BIXOLON launches next generation SRP-350V and SRP-350plusV Receipt Printers to the European market

Additional features & functionality added to this best selling POS printer series 

Dusseldorf – 19.06.2023 – BIXOLON Europe GmbH, a subsidiary of BIXOLON, the global manufacturer of advanced receipt, label and mobile printers, has today launched its next generation SRP-350V and SRP-350plusV 3-inch (80 mm) Direct Thermal POS printers to the European market.

BIXOLON’s best selling printing series has been updated and designed for reliable usage across a broad range of point of sale (POS) printing scenarios, in line with current market needs. The SRP-350V and SRP-350plusV receipt printers have, therefore, been re-engineered to offer sustainable printing options and allow the use of printing blue receipts; print speeds have been increased and are faster; and they use the latest connectivity technologies. These cost effective, printers are ideal for use within retail, grocery and hypermarkets POS printing; restaurant and bar scenarios; take away food and beverage (e.g. quick service restaurants or coffee shops); and to support the sale of lottery tickets.

Joint features across the SRP-350V and SRP-350plusV printers

These POS printers share a common set of features. They have been designed to be compact at the point of sale and not take up much space. Supporting stand-alone or vertical printing options, the SRP-350V range features a specialised paper exit to prevent paper jams, with an intuitive design making it easy to remove paper if or when a paper jam occurs. Additionally, BIXOLON has made it easier for users to load paper efficiently into the printers, thanks to a simple drop-in paper loading functionality.

The SRP-350V and SRP-350plusV printers have also been manufactured with enhanced near end and mechanical sensors for printing compatibility with Koehler’s Blue4est® thermal paper in scenarios where they are trying to use more environmentally friendly consumables. This has been complimented with a Visibility IntelligenceTM sensor which enables the printer to automatically detect either white or blue receipt media, and optimise the print quality accordingly.

These printers both come with an LED display that provides user friendly functionality, and support a paper saving feature that enables organisations to save up to 25% of paper per roll; across three compression levels; through a Unified Utility, that doesn’t require any software changes for users. For busy kitchen environments there is also an optional order notification function made available through an external buzzer or  B-Melodist (an Audio and Visual indicator for BIXOLON’s desktop printers). These POS printers also come with a range of accessories; including a splash proof cover, wall mount, vertical stand, and SMP (built-in special printer base) to integrate a power supply unit for BIXOLON printers.

The SRP-350plusV – retail, restaurants & bars, lottery and hypermarket applications

The SRP-350plusV prints text, barcodes and images effectively at speeds of up to 400 mm/sec at a 180 dpi print resolution. This is 33% faster than the previous model; and it comes with greater control of graphic quality through grey scale and dithering. Interface options are vast, and made possible with an All-In-One-PlusTM Interface from BIXOLON that includes USB V2-0 and Ethernet as standard, plus optional Serial, Parallel, Powered USB, Bluetooth or WLAN connectivity.

The SRP-350plusV is also compatible with BIXOLON’s XPMTM printer management tool, which provides organisations easy integration, administration, and management tools to install and manage these printers across their whole IT and printing estate.

The SRP-350V – retail, restaurants & bars, quick service restaurant, and coffee applications

The SRP-350V allows receipt printing at speeds of up to 300 mm/sec at 180 dpi. This is 20% faster than its predecessor. The interface options differ slightly but are still broad and varied. Printer connectivity options include USB V2.0 as standard, plus optional Serial, Parallel or Ethernet.  Simple drop-in paper loading is complemented in this printer with a standard manual cutter included as standard.

“In today’s competitive POS environment, reliable and cost effective receipt, label and ticket printing is required. The launch of these new printers builds upon the success of our previous models and offers our customers options to meet the changing demands of the POS market,” says Jay Kim, Managing Director, BIXOLON Europe GmbH. “BIXOLON’s new POS printers demonstrate how practical functionality, great design and competitive price points come together to enable cost effective, reliable printing; and we are pleased to be providing these solutions for those across the retail, hospitality, and ticketing sectors.

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