BIXOLON Introduces Label Artist™ Web for Dedicated Label Design and Printing Performance

With the rise of cross-platform and cloud technology, BIXOLON is proud to launch Label Artist™ Web a comprehensive piece of label design and print software which requires no printer driver installation and works across all platforms. This powerful tool aims to empower businesses to manage their labelling needs with greater flexibility and ease, by encompassing the key benefits of BIXOLON’s existing Label Artist™-II for PCs and Label Artist™ Mobile for portable devices.  

BIXOLON Label Artist™ Web enables users to effortlessly design and print labels from their chosen host device, directly to a BIXOLON’s mobile, desktop, or industrial label printer, without any prior software installation. Compatible with Windows® PCs, iOS™, and Android™ mobile devices, BIXOLON Label Artist™ Web can be accessed on a PC via 
For mobile devices, it is available for download from the App Store® or Google Play™.

With its intuitive interface, enhanced accessibility and comprehensive features, Label Artist™ Web is ideal for a wide range of industries, including retail, logistics, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Key Features of the Label Artist™ Web 

  • Compatibility

– OS : Windows® 7 or later, Android™ 7.0 or later, iOS™ 12.0 or later

– Browser : Chrome 51 or later, Microsoft Edge 15 or later

  • Seamless Connectivity : Label Artist™ Web supports Bluetooth, Network and USB connectivity, ensuring compatibility with BIXOLON’s range of mobile, desktop label printers and industrial printers. 
  • Cloud Integration : Users can easily save and access their designs through cloud storage services, facilitating collaboration and design management across multiple devices.
  • External Databases Access : The software supports linking to external databases in xlsx, xls, csv, and text formats, facilitating efficient mass production of labels.

Wide Range of Editing Tools : A delicate set of tools for text, image, barcode, and shape editing are included, providing complete control over label design.

“Label Artist™ Web underscores BIXOLON’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that enhance productivity and efficiency for our customers”, cites John Kim, Marketing Director, BIXOLON Global. “By leveraging the power of web-based printing and mobile compatibility, the software offers a seamless, efficient, and user-friendly experience.”

Learn more about BIXOLON’s free-of-charge label design and print software options

  • Label Artist™-II

Label design software for Windows PC allows users to easily design, edit and print labels from their PC to a BIXOLON printer using USB.

  • Label Artist™ Mobile 

BIXOLON Label Artist™ Mobile for iOS™ or Android™ allows users to easily edit and print labels from their chosen mobile device to BIXOLON label printers using Bluetooth® or WLAN. A USB connection is also supported for Android™ devices.

For more information about the Label Artist Mobile Application and BIXOLON’s range of printing solutions, please visit or contact your local BIXOLON sales representative. 

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